Emma Kenney — currently filming season 8 of the hit Showtime series Shameless — is teaming up with Mercy For Animals to expose the animal cruelty and environmental devastation caused by factory farming.

Video: Paper Prison

Using her celebrity to bring attention to the truth about how meat is produced, Kenney narrates Mercy For Animals’ just-released animated video, “Paper Prison,” which presents a 3D model of a factory farm to scale.

“When you picture a farm, you might imagine a peaceful landscape, animals grazing in big, open fields—but today’s farms don’t look like that,” Kenney’s narration opens. “This is what the average farm looks like today. You wouldn’t know because it’s tucked away in a rural place out of sight. Its 10 metal sheds are plain and windowless. Its perimeter is fenced, like a prison.”

Released exclusively by NowThis to its millions of millennial followers, the PSA uses groundbreaking 3D animation to model the interiors of factory farms, revealing shocking facts about the environmental and ethical impacts of food production.

Emma Kenney and Mercy For Animals are calling on viewers to help create a world free of factory farms by cutting out or cutting back on animal products. “I love animals so much, and I want to use my voice to inspire empathy and compassion for them. That’s why I partnered with Mercy For Animals to narrate their newest PSA,” Kenney said.

Kenney joins a growing list of celebrities who have joined forces with Mercy For Animals in speaking out against factory farming, including Alec Baldwin, Joaquin Phoenix, Pamela Anderson, Emily Deschanel, James Cromwell, Mya, Tony Kanal, and Russell Simmons.

“Emma has been very vocal about her love for animals, and she certainly does her fans proud by lending her voice to this important issue,” says Nik Tyler, celebrity relations manager at Mercy For Animals. “We hope this new PSA will inspire people of all ages to move toward a plant-based diet and away from supporting factory farming, for the sake of the animals and our planet.”

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