Jackson may have just landed the number one spot on a list of the “Fattest Cities in America” — but “fit at 50” Pamela Anderson has a solution.

After Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba pledged to make Jackson “the most radical city on the planet,” the Baywatch icon and PETA honorary director offered him free lunches if he goes vegan for a month to set an example of healthier eating.

“As an admirer of your work on the Mississippi Human Rights Collective, I want to congratulate you on your new role as mayor. I support your pledge to make Jackson the most radical city on the planet,” wrote Anderson. "With this in mind, I’m writing today with an idea that would further allow you to serve as a role model to the community: Since Jackson was recently named one of the fattest cities in America, would you consider going vegan for a month as a way to set a healthy example for your constituents to follow? You’d be in great company — among those who have publicly pursued vegan eating are Sen. Cory Booker, Tom Brady, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Bill Clinton, Carrie Underwood, Russell Simmons, and many others.

“Vegan options can be found all over the city, from portabella Caesar salad at High Noon Cafe to veggie chili and vegan fish sandwiches at Cool Al’s. Vegan eating has been linked to a lower body mass index and lower caloric intake than diets that are heavy in meat, eggs, and dairy foods. Vegans are also at lower risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, which are some of the biggest killers in this country.

“I hope you, as the new mayor, will embrace this idea as a unique way to set a positive example. If you pledge to go vegan for a month, my friends at PETA will supply a week’s worth of catered lunches for you and send every member of your staff a vegan starter kit so that you can encourage them to support and join you. We’re also here to give you plenty of advice, tasty recipes, and encouragement along the way!”

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