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Celebrity couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have written blogs on the UNICEF website about the impact that UNICEF-inspired gifts have on children around the world.

“Imagine not being able to take a bath or a shower,” wrote Madden. "Imagine not being able to turn on the tap for a glass of water, or to wash your hands… your dishes… your clothes. Imagine that the water you drink everyday has the power to kill you and all those you love.

“Can you imagine this? No, probably not. I know I couldn’t, but I saw it firsthand not too long ago when I visited the Central African Republic. Clean and accessible water is a luxury for more than half the world’s children. Having sat, talked and sung with, and also hugged some of the children living this nightmare, I will not stop until all children have this simple thing that we take for granted—clean water.”

The blogs are part of a campaign UNICEF has been running in the lead up to the New Year featuring blogs from the organization’s Celebrity Ambassadors and supporters. Madden became a UNICEF Ambassador earlier this year, and recently returned from a UNICEF trip to Africa.

“Right now you can help bring clean water to children in need by purchasing a Water Well Hand Pump. For $500, this reliable, durable hand pump can give children the gift of life.

“I know the economy is really tough right now, so please consider pulling together your family and friends and all chipping in to buy a gift for a child whose life you can change forever.”

Madden’s partner, Nicole Richie, joined him in lighting the UNICEF Snowflake in Beverley Hills last month and has also penned a blog for the organization.

“Armed conflict, war and natural disasters can cause such chaos in a child’s life,” she wrote. "Families are torn apart, homes are destroyed and a feeling of security is no longer a reality. The simplicity of a wool blanket can provide a child with the warmth and sense of safety that every child, everywhere should feel.

“For the cost of one specialty coffee or latte you can let a child in need know they are loved, by providing them with a warm blanket this holiday season. Just $3.80 can do that. In fact, you can provide 10 wool blankets to children in emergency or conflict situations for only $38.00!”

More information about UNICEF-inspired gifts can be found here.

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