This week, more than 170 Black and Jewish leaders from the entertainment industry released a unity statement to launch the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance (Alliance), a joint initiative by Black and Jewish entertainment industry professionals devoted to countering racism and antisemitism in the entertainment community.

In the face of institutional racism, rising antisemitism, and societal turmoil, the members of the Alliance feel it’s critical to stand together and support one another, which starts with the release of the unity statement found below.

“The Black and Jewish communities, who have a long history of supporting and working together, are so much stronger when we stand together in the fight against hate,” said Aaron Bay-Schuck, Co-Chairman & CEO of Warner Records. “This Alliance will elevate voices in the entertainment community that can help the public to better understand the causes, manifestations, and effects of racism and antisemitism, ensuring that our industry is doing its part to be a voice for hope, unity, and healing in our country.”

Among those who signed are Tiffany Haddish, Sherry Lansing, Herbie Hancock, Phil Rosenthal, Diane Warren, Jason Alexander, 24kGoldn, Gene Simmons, Billy Porter, and Antoine Fuqua.

While many organizations combat antisemitism and racism individually, the Alliance creates a unified voice against both evils. The Alliance will highlight the historical bonds of both communities, host programming to highlight their common fight against hate, and facilitate collaborative events to build solidarity between the Black and Jewish communities.

“Film and art have always been about giving those unjustly attacked and marginalized a voice. As two communities that have long been targeted simply for who they are, the Black and Jewish communities are stronger when we stand together,” stated director and producer Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer).

“In the present climate of increased difficulties faced by both groups it is important to take a moment to celebrate the special relationship between members of the Black and Jewish community in the entertainment industry,” said Ben Silverman, Chairman and CEO of Propagate Content. “The ongoing nature of systematic racism, the frightening rise of antisemitism and hate crimes has brought us to yet another period of crisis. We formed this Alliance to facilitate conversations and coordinate actions between Black and Jewish entertainment leaders on these issues.”

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