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Singer Jason Mraz has blogged some eco-tips with a difference on his MySpace page.

“Recent News from our friends at the Natural Resources Defense Council say that Americans’ addiction to two-ply, super soft toilet paper is causing greater harm to our environment than our gas guzzling cars," he wrote. "In order to produce all that perfectly plush paper, companies must harvest tons of virgin trees, which the reaping of means less oxygen for the atmosphere to offset or all the carbon that seems to be frying us here on the surface.

“The US is the country that consumes the most forests specifically to fulfill [toilet needs]. If you travel abroad, you may find discomfort in the thin one-ply offered up pretty much everywhere else. But that’s because most other countries are more careful about their resourceful trees and/or use recycled and post-consumer paper in the manufacturing of toilet tissue.

“So I’m writing this today to invite you to buy only recycled or large percentage post consumer paper for your household, school or office. If you aren’t the one buying it, then encourage your janitorial staff to consider it. The paper isn’t nearly as soft, but it’s just as durable.”

Mraz goes on to explain some very useful Toilet Tissue Tips designed to help the environment.

“For more helpful blogs like this one, intended to enhance your life and the lives of others around you, check out www.SuperForest.Org. It’s my personal favorite.”

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