Joel Madden and Rosario Dawson have put pen to paper and authored articles for the latest issue of Los Angeles Confidential magazine about the causes they support.

Rosario Dawson is a board member of V-Day, a non-profit devoted to ending violence against girls and women. In Los Angeles Confidential she opens up about the abuse taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as soldiers work to destroy and take over communities in order to obtain rich natural resources—the same resources being used to manufacture cell phones, ipods, etc. Dawson hopes to provide awareness “about these atrocities” in order to “pressure our electronic provides into buying only ‘conflict free’ products.”

“At the Panzi Hospital in the city of Bukavu in the DRC, Dr Denis Mukwege sews up a dozen women and girls every day, some of whom have walked 40 miles to reach him,” wrote Dawson. "Many patients need several surgeries and years to recover – if they ever do… Please join me and take action. Let’s reclaim the mantra “women and children first,” and protect Africa’s truest and greatest resource. Help these women and girls heal their wounds. Together, we can stop this violence and make change happen."

Joel Madden talks about the Richie Madden Children's Foundation and how he hopes to impact not only his own children but those around the world and “hopes to give these children the opportunity to dream along with us.”

“In the two years since we launched the foundation, Nicole and I both feel we’ve gained more than we’ve given. The children we’ve met all over the world have touched us in ways money can’t buy. From neighborhoods in Los Angeles and villages in Africa to an orphanage in Russia, these children have become dear to our hearts and as important to us as our own children."

Los Angeles Confidential is available now.

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