Leonardo DiCaprio opened a new e-activism centre in Santa Monica last week, which has been described as “a showcase for the highest possible level of sustainable design.”

The Leonardo DiCaprio e-Activism Center and the David Family Environmental Action Center use only recycled or recyclable materials, and 98% of the materials left over from dismantling the original building and constructing the new one were reused or recycled. Set up by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the new facilities aim to demonstrate how buildings can greatly reduce harm to the environment by minimizing the use of land, water, energy and materials.

“Half of all the world’s materials and resources, half of all forests, go into building production. Buildings consume twice the energy of autos, and emit twice the amount of carbon dioxide,” says NRDC Senior Scientist Rob Watson. “They also consume 80% of drinking water.”

The e-activism center has four high-speed Internet terminals linked to NRDC’s activist network to help visitors learn about environmental issues of immediate concern, and to influence public debate instantly by sending messages to government and corporate officials.

“Over the last three years, nearly five hundred thousand NRDC online activists have sent five million messages to public and corporate officials, helping again and again to tip the balance in favor of the environment,” said Dicaprio. “For the thousands of young people who’ll visit this building each year, I hope it will be the start of a lifetime of civic involvement.”

The center is located at 1314 Second Street in downtown Santa Monica, California. The e-Activism Center is open to the public every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.

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