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The World March for Peace and Non-Violence kicked off in Wellington, New Zealand, today, beginning a trek that will visit 90 countries on 6 continents, ending in Argentina on January 2 of next year.

Marchers braved chilling winds in the country’s capital to start the march, which has been endorsed by world leaders and celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Viggo Mortensen, Desmond Tutu, Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda, Jimmy Carter, Lou Reed, Yoko Ono, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, Bryan Adams and many more.

The 160,000-kilometre (99,419 mile) march has been organized by World Without Wars. A core group of 25 marchers will complete the entire journey, carrying with them a “nuclear abolition torch” taken from the Hiroshima Flame which was lit from embers following the 1945 nuclear explosion in Japan. The primary goals of the World March include:

  • nuclear disarmament at a global level
  • immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories
  • progressive and proportional reduction of conventional weapons
  • signing of non-aggression treaties between countries
  • renunciation by governments of the use of war as a means to resolve conflicts

A rehearsal march was held in New Zealand earlier this week, led by Xena Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless, who walked beneath a Chinese-style dragon made from the sails of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, sunk by French agents in Auckland in 1985.

Earlier this year – as a lead up to the march – organizers created roving billboards and also recreated the famous Bed-In held by Yoko Ono and John Lennon.

Look To The Stars is proud to support the March For Peace and Non-Violence, and wish all those taking part a great and successful journey.

More info can be found here.

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