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October 15 marks the third annual Blog Action Day, when bloggers around the world focus on one prominent issue through individual ideas, actions, and thoughts.

This year’s topic is climate change, and Look To The Stars has delved into our archives to find 13 quotes relating to the thoughts of some of the most noteworthy celebrities who are devoted to finding solutions to global poverty.

Hugh Jackman: "You can’t separate the issues of climate change and poverty. They are inextricably linked. Having been to Ethiopia and seen these farmers, seen the battle they face from what is a problem that the developed countries have brought on many of these developing countries, there is a justice, there is a gap we need to fill.

I don’t do private jets. I try and do my best and I teach [sustainability] to my kids. Deb [wife Deborra-lee Furness] and I have brought in a company to say what we can do in our home – change light bulbs, etc."

Richard Branson: “Our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents and they from their parents. It is in our hands whether our children and their children inherit the same world. We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment.”

Al Gore: “We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.”

KT Tunstall: “Stop completely twatting your planet. We haven’t got anywhere else to live.”

Leonardo DiCaprio: “Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity. We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet.”

Harrison Ford: “What we do today will set the course and the example for generations to come. I have four children and two grandsons. I feel responsible for tending to things I can affect as a private person, not as a celebrity. I can’t fix the world, but it’s our duty to help how we can. We have a moral responsibility for what we do as individuals. We have to accept it.”

Ronan Keating: “Climate change is a really big deal that all of us should be concerned about, because there’s no question that runaway climate change will endanger the lives of people, as well as animals.”

Desmond Tutu: “Climate change is the greatest human-induced crisis facing the world today. It is totally indiscriminate of race, culture and religion. It affects every human being on the planet.”

Phil Keoghan: “The biggest issue we face is that we continue to take the world’s resources without giving enough back in return. It’s a little like having a credit card and spending at large without thinking about how to your going to pay the bill. The solution will come from finding financial solutions to our environmental challenges. Right now many of those answers are locked away in the minds of young people. I have faith that we will find a way to create change.”

Melora Hardin: “The environment is really a serious issue, and it really doesn’t take that much to make a difference. I would just say that people should do whatever they can do – it’s good not to litter, it’s good not to pollute, it’s good to recycle when you can.”

Lucy Lawless: “There’s nowhere else for our kids and grandchildren to go. We need to get on with the business of tackling climate change.”

Keisha Castle-Hughes: “Our Pacific Island neighbours are suffering. I saw the real and devastating impacts of a changing climate: coral bleaching, homes battered by cyclones, erosion and food crops affected by rising sea levels… The locals were all extremely welcoming and happy to share their stories of how their daily lives have been impacted. It was a real eye-opener.”

Spinal Tap: “[We’ve] heard of global warming. Nigel thought it was just because he was wearing too much clothing, and if he took his jacket off it would be cooler.”

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