Look To The Stars is proud to present part three of a series of pieces written by students from Arnold Schwarzenegger's After-School All-Stars.

We asked the students from Griffith Middle School in East LA what they would like to see changed about the world, and which celebrities they think would best be able to lead the way. Over the next days, we will share some of their answers with you.

Changes that I Would like to See: Leonardo Di Caprio
By Rosalia, age 12

There are many changes that I would like to see in this world, but something that I would like to truly see happen is the world becoming environmentally friendly. If the world became environmentally friendly, the world would be a better place to live in. A person that could help us with the goal is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who was famous for being in the romantic movie ‘Titanic’.

Leonardo really does care for the environment. He replaced all of his light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. His entire home is solar powered. He even saves energy by walking to certain places instead of driving, and driving harms the earth with pollution.

Leonardo DiCaprio could also help us achieve this goal by giving speeches and telling us how we can all make the earth a better place to live on. We can start fundraisers and benefits and that can help us with raising money so we can pay people to help keep the earth clean.

We can also recycle, reduce and reuse items, instead of throwing them away – which will help us keep and make the earth clean. If we keep up with this process, it can help stop global warming while helping us maintain the earth. This could also help us reduce pollution.

By making this change, we can help the planet maintain a good condition while keeping the earth environmentally friendly. With the help of Leonardo DiCaprio, we can achieve this goal and watch our dreams finally come true. When this finally happens, the world will be a better place and we can live in harmony.

The After-School All-Stars program strives to improve kids’ lives by nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits through programs that incorporate independent learning, academics and enrichment activities. For more information, visit AfterSchoolAllStars.org.

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