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Leonardo DiCaprio and actor Edward Norton have taken a stand to protect the Ecuadorian Amazon from oil extraction.

By meeting with Ecuador’s Vice President Lenin Moreno in Puerto Rico on the Galapagos Islands on April 9, both Hollywood stars hope to become ambassadors for the Yasuni-ITT natural reserve project.

Dicaprio, Norton, Glenn Close and Chevy Chase – just to name a few – have expressed deep interest in donating $1 million to Ecuador’s proposal to leave untouched about 850 million barrels of oil underground in the oil rich reserve of the Yasuni-ITT.

“We exchanged views on the conservation of the Galapagos Islands and the world. I made the statement (on the Yasuni-ITT) and when I mentioned how it will operate the project, there really was a standing ovation” President Moreno announced during his meeting with the eco-conscious participants. The goal is bring awareness to the effects of environmentalism in order to protect natural resources and ecosystems in the Amazon Yasuni-ITT natural reserve.

It was announced early last week that former U.S. vice president Al Gore will also pay a visit to the country in November to support the project.

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