Stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Aisha Tyler, Ben Stiller, Rihanna and many others have signed on to help build a whole new way of giving back.

Until now, if someone wanted to support a charity, there were only two options – write a check or volunteer. Now, the marketplace for things money can’t buy, offers a new way to support a cause: by turning an individual’s time and expertise into cash. is an all new way to give.

Anyone can donate his or her time and create a listing to benefit a cause. From moms offering family dinner recipes kids will love to high-powered executives offering business advice to movie stars, everyone can contribute. At allthis, individuals like Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller and Aisha Tyler are giving back to their favorite causes right alongside of everyone else.

People have two options to support a charity – bid on an existing auction item or create a new one. In addition, non-profits, clubs, companies, or any type of affinity group can create teams to raise money together for a common cause. Different from doing a traditional cash donation charity fund-raising drive, allthis allows organizations to raise large sums of money by giving people the opportunity to do what they are good at.

“We created allthis with a vision to leverage an individual’s expertise and network as an alternative method of donation, while giving non-profits a creative way to excite and unite their supporters,” said Paul Weinstein, CEO and co-founder of “Ranging from access to the influential, engagement with the creative, to the downright silly, what people have to offer is infinitely diverse.”

Click here to bid on the exciting items on offer now.

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