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To commemorate her May 2004 diagnosis of breast cancer, Kylie Minogue will be holding a benefit concert in February and will donate the money raised for cancer awareness.

“Early next year it will be my five years all clear and I would like to do something to mark that – something like a benefit concert. We are going to try and arrange something with my professor in Paris.” Minogue said to The Sunday Mirror. The concert is Minogue’s way of thanking her doctor who was responsible for her treatment.

The concert is expected to have performances by Elton John, Robbie Williams and The Scissor Sisters, a band from New York City.

According to The Sunday Mirror, after Minogue publicly announced her diagnosis, cancer screenings increased a third in the UK. Regular screening tests are recommended for every woman, as early detection can lower her risk of dying from cancer.

“I know a lot of women went for screenings after my announcement. And a lot of people came up to me and said I saved them,” Minogue said. “Of course I didn’t – but it made them go and get checked.”

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