Celebrity beauties Joss Stone, Joanna Lumley and Lucy Davis have joined the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) to end cruel botox tests on animals.

The stars were shocked to learn that every batch of botox that hits the high street is tested on animals. Botox is used by huge numbers of people worldwide for cosmetic purposes.

“We can stop this cruel and unnecessary act by bringing light to what has clearly been done in darkness for too long,” said Joss Stone. “I think it is a sick way to test something that is for cosmetic use. They are not trying to cure cancer here; this is about smoothing the wrinkles on the faces of women and men. How many innocent animals have to suffer? Let’s put a stop to this cruel, inhumane, and above all unnecessary act.”

A recent BUAV investigation has revealed for the first time graphic and disturbing evidence of the cruelty and suffering inflicted on thousands of mice for botox in ‘Lethal Dose 50’ (LD50) poisoning tests. Mice suffer increasing paralysis and difficulty breathing and will, if left unattended, eventually suffocate to death. The BUAV is calling on botox manufacturers such as Ipsen, Allergan and Merz-Pharma to put an end to this appalling cruelty.

“I hate the idea that people wanting to be beautiful and smooth should use such an ugly and cruel product,” said Joanna Lumley. “Don’t touch it: support instead the brilliant substitute for animal testing, and keep your conscience as unmarked as your brow.”

There are alternatives available that the BUAV believes can be used instead of the cruel LD50 test, including a test called the SNAP-25. This method does not use live animals but instead measures the activity of the toxin in a test tube and can be used to replace the mouse tests for botox product, Dysport.

The Office star Lucy Davis urges: “Please, don’t allow animals, who feel pain and fear just like we do, to suffer simply for our own vanity.”

Joanna, Joss and Lucy are joining a number of celebrities who have already given their support to the BUAV including: comedian Ricky Gervais, actress Annette Crosbie, and The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde.

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