British jeans company Wizard Jeans has been joined by a number of stars for some very special celebrity charity auctions.

Currently going under the hammer is a pair of jeans signed by Jude Law to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.

“Jude kindly consented to paint his right hand with black textile ink and slap it on the
left cheek of the jeans to produce this unique and fun piece of fashion,” says Sally Allen
of Wizard Jeans. "We sincerely hope the jeans will raise a substantial sum for the benefit of the charity.

“Wizard Jeans and Macmillan Cancer Care are extremely grateful to Jude Law, the star of so many memorable movies, to give his time to personalise a pair of our jeans to raise funds for a charity, which in some way or another will touch most of our lives.

The jeans are obviously unique – so we hope to raise a substantial figure for the charity from the auction. There should be a number of ladies who would be very happy to walk around with Jude’s handprint and signature on their bottom!!"

Caroline Knight of Macmillan Cancer Support added; “We are grateful for Wizard Jeans’ support and particularly excited about this innovative fundraising project which will undoubtedly raise the charity’s profile and create a greater awareness of the important services we provide to those affected by cancer. One in three of us will get cancer at some stage of our lives and our primary goal is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with this disease.”

The auction runs until April 30, with more information available here.

Wizard Jeans is currently organizing another celebrity charity auction, with a very special pair going under the hammer soon. Over one hundred celebrities have autographed a beautiful pair of Classic White ‘slimming’ jeans at the Luxe Rodeo Hotel in Beverly Hills Oscar suite on February 24 for a charity auction to benefit the Children's Hospital Los Angeles during April 2011.

The signers ranged from all walls of entertainment: Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright), Erik Estrada, Kevin Sorbo, Kate Linder and many more.

Lisa Foster, of Mackeonis & Associates comments, “We are pleased to be able to benefit the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, with the help of our clients: Wizard Jeans, Dream Essentials and Silver Linings and Hollywood’s amazing celebrities, as this great hospital never turns any child away and needs every bit of funding they can get.”

More information will be released soon.

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