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Prince Harry is keen to join wounded British soldiers on a trek to the North Pole this year.

Four soldiers injured in Afghanistan are planning the trip, with two of them attempting to become the first amputees to walk unaided to the pole.

The expedition – titled Walking With The Wounded, and of which the prince is patron – plans to raise money for Help for Heroes, Skill Force, Blesma and The Warrior Programme.

“I am so proud to be Patron of Walking with The Wounded,” says Prince Harry. "This extraordinary expedition will raise awareness of the debt that this Country owes to those it sends off to fight – only for them to return wounded and scarred, physically and emotionally. The debt extends beyond immediate medical care and short-term rehabilitation. These men and women have given so much. We must recognise their sacrifice, be thankful and, so far as we can ever, repay them for it.

“This polar adventure will exemplify the tenacity and remarkable courage of those who serve in uniform. The vision behind Walking with The Wounded – to reintegrate wounded servicemen and women successfully back into civilian life – recognises the unquenchable spirit and drive of these young people. It aims to harness their determination and energy, whilst adjusting their mindset to face the numerous challenges that lie ahead.

“Walking with The Wounded promises to be remarkable. I salute the Team walking to the North Pole in early 2011 and I urge everyone to support them.”

The main snag against Harry joining the trek is that the expedition plans to reach the pole on April 25 – only a few days before Harry is due at Prince William's wedding on April 29.

“He would still very much love to join the expedition, and if he can, he will,” said a spokeswoman for his Clarence House office. “However, his military training commitments mean he will not know for some weeks whether this is going to be possible, so in the meantime, he is following preparations closely.”

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