Stephen Fry reigns the triumphant winner of Walkers Clash of the Comics – a celebrity charity initiative for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day – leaving Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr and Al Murray to face Denise van Outen and a lot of hot wax!

Stephen Fry has been crowned king of the comedians, as he conquered his fellow funny-men in the battle of a lifetime for Red Nose Day. After weeks of fierce campaigning and underhand smear tactics, Stephen’s limited edition flavor of Walkers crisps, Stephen Fry Up, has out-sold the flavors of the three other comedians. Not only will the three losing comics be hanging their heads in shame as Stephen Fry basks in the glory of his win, but they have also undergone a further stripping of their dignity – and hair! Jimmy Carr, Al Murray and Frank Skinner faced their fears as they underwent the torturous forfeit of being waxed by Denise Van Outen.

The forfeit kicked-off with the unfortunate trio donning hilarious fluffy white dressing gowns for their ‘beauty treatments’! Needless to say, tears were shed, tantrums were had and there was plenty of red-raw flesh to be seen in the beauty salon (particularly on Frank), but the three comedians managed to endure the waxing session with as much good grace as they could muster. Denise proved herself the ultimate amateur waxer, ripping the foliage from Jimmy’s legs like she was born to do it!

Stephen Fry said “I’m delighted to have won! Although it is no surprise considering my Stephen Fry Up flavor was vastly superior. My victory will go down in the history books – as will the other three squealing their way through that waxing session. Ouch!”

Jimmy Carr said “That was, in all seriousness, one of the most horrific experiences of my life. I was definitely the hairiest man there. However I would say I was rather stoic and composed throughout the torture session!”

Al Murray The Pub Landlord said “I really don’t know why the ladies make such a fuss – ha ha! In all seriousness it was dreadful, but certainly made more pleasant by Denise administering the wax!”

Denise Van Outen said “This poor bunch were so scared when I walked into the waxing room, you could literally see the colour draining from their faces. I tried to distract them while I was putting the hot wax on, but they weren’t having any of it. There were a few squeals and sweaty brows afterwards, but all in all the boys did really well and I was very impressed with their pain thresholds.”

Each comedian has been fighting to win the hearts of the British public and raise money for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day in a bid to make their flavor the bestseller. Each comedian had his own limited edition flavor; Stephen Fry & Stephen Fry Up, Frank Skinner & Frank Roast Dinner, Jimmy Carr & Jimmy con Carrne and Al Murray & Steak and Al Pie. For every pack sold Walkers has donated 5p to Comic Relief. Stephen Fry Up flavor raised the most money and therefore won the challenge. Walkers have raised over £1million for Comic Relief, due to the tireless efforts of these well-loved British comedians!

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