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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana, leaving almost 2000 people dead and countless more homeless. And now April 2011 has seen one of the worst outbreaks of storms in recent history, to the extent that they have been renamed the ‘2011 Super Outbreak’.

The tornados, which are still in motion, have devastated the South, Midwestern and Northeastern states in America, particularly Alabama. More than 300 lives have been lost and thousands more devastated.

In response to the outbreak, celebrities have come out in droves to help. This month alone, Britney Spears has hosted An Evening of Southern Style in support of the St. Bernard Project, Brad Paisley donated proceeds of his new song to Alabama’s tornado relief fund, Selena Gomez has started a campaign to raise funds for Save the Children's Southeast drive, Kenny Chesney is to donate the proceeds of his upcoming Alabama concert to and Roy Jones JR is urging fans to donate to the relief efforts.

Britney Spears’ evening was supported by many of her A-list friends, such as Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Kelly Osbourne and Kim Kardashian. The evening raised a whopping $200000 for the St Bernard Fund. At the event, Britney said, “The St Bernard Project is an incredible organization whose main focus is rebuilding Louisiana [which is] always in my heart.”

Brad Paisley’s new song ‘Old Alabama’ has reached # 1 in the American Country Music charts and Paisley is donating all artistic royalties to the relief efforts. Randy Owen, who features in the song, has said ’There’s no way to describe the destruction that’s gone on. It’s just a battery of emotion.’

Selena Gomez’ efforts to help Save the Children’s Southeast drive have been mainly focused through Twitter, where she is urging fans to ‘donate $10 to Save the Children Southwest U.S.’s division’. The current amount raised is as yet unknown but with such a dedicated fan base, the response is bound to have been huge.

The Alabama concert that Kenny Chesney is hosting in support of the relief efforts is set to raise a huge amount and Kenny has said he is ‘grateful for the chance to aid [the people of Toscaloosa] in this way.’

Lastly, boxer Roy Jones JR has joined forces with website to encourage fans to donate to the relief efforts. He’s even given a little extra incentive; every fan that donates $250 or more receives a personal call from Roy and also a personalized, autographed photograph!

The storms continue to devastate the US, moving into Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and other states. Luckily, no lives have been claimed by this round as yet, however there are reports of dozens injured, mobile homes being flipped and roofs being torn off houses.

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