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British comedian Lenny Henry has announced the latest Red Nose Day 2011 total in a special message to supporters of Comic Relief.

“When Comic Relief told me the latest total for Red Nose Day 2011, I asked them if I could write you all a personal ‘thank you’ message and break the record-breaking news myself,” he said in the message. "So, here goes. I hope you’re sitting down.

“The latest total is a staggering £102,166,598!

“That is an astonishing figure, made up of money from your fundraising, corporate support and matched government funds, and I know, first-hand, the incredible difference it’s going to make. You should feel immensely proud of the part you played in raising it.

“So thank you. All of you. You’ve helped give countless people a new and better future.”

Red Nose Day was held in March, with a staggering £74,360,207 (US$118 million) being raised on the night of the TV special – the highest total reached on the night in Red Nose Day’s 23 year history. The TV extravaganza featured appearances by Justin Bieber, Paul McCartney, David Tennant and Susan Boyle.

Highlights can be seen here.

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