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Alberta Ferretti and Emma Watson have joined forces to create high-fashion’s first eco-label.

The 5 piece collection was launched on the 21st of March and has been hugely successful, with two pieces selling out completely. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to People Tree, a fair-trade British clothing company. All the clothes are made according to ethical guidelines, with fair-trade fabrics and good working conditions. On her choosing of celebrity, Ferretti said that Emma Watson ‘was an obvious choice for me on this project as we share a deep sensibility for the green cause’.

This is no doubt referring to Watson’s other three People Tree Clothing collections that she has released in the past two years. All four of her ethical collections reflect perfectly Watson’s personality, put simply by Ferretti as ‘fresh, spontan[eous] and simpl[e]’.

The idea of celebrity-endorsed eco-fashion didn’t start with Watson and Ferretti, however. Stella McCartney, who has been making her name on the high-fashion scene, is one of the biggest pioneers of eco-fashion around. Not content with just using organic, fair trade materials, she ensures all her clothes are vegetarian (i.e. no leather/suede/fur), her offices are powered by an eco-friendly company, Ecotricity, and the entire company is entirely carbon neutral. She has released a collection campaigning for the cause Meat Free Monday, which aims to raise awareness about the damage eating meat does to the environment.

In 2008, Lindsay Lohan became the face and sponsor of Visa Swap, a London event where millions of people can swap unwanted clothes. Not only did the event promote recycling and reduce the waste created by discarded items, any left over items that no-one swapped were donated to TRAID, a charity that reduces waste by reselling unwanted clothes.

Just months later, Sheryl Crow launched her ‘Bootheel Trading Co. by Sheryl Crow’ eco-fashion label, which used only fair-trade materials and ensured good conditions for all workers. The label was one of the first to pioneer both celebrity endorsed, eco-friendly and affordable fashion.

With these and many more celebrities endorsing eco-fashion at both ends of the price range, it can’t be long before being eco-friendly and being fashionable become synonymous.

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