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Latino singing star Ricky Martin met with several other artists in Miami last week to launch a new campaign in the fight against poverty.

The hip-swinging singer joined with fellow Latino heartthrobs Juan Luis Guerra and Juanes to become spokespersons for the Yo Amo America Campaign, an initiative that plans to use the performers’ profiles to raise awareness among policymakers about the importance of making investments in early childhood development, financial services, housing, and safe drinking water. And with over 360 million people in Latin America who live on less than $300 a month, it is an issue that requires immediate attention.

Martin has agreed to promote birth registration as part of the campaign, an area he believes will increase access to education, health, and other public services. Around 8.5 million children in Latin America presently lack any form of identity papers, a fact Martin thinks also contributes to the high proportion of child trafficking. Human trafficking is a major source of concern for Martin – a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF – and he established the Ricky Martin Foundation to combat it.

Martin, Guerra, and Juanes will all be featured in an advertising campaign for Yo Amo America, and will soon embark on a tour to meet with government officials around Latin America. You can see a video about the campaign here.

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