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Drew Barrymore is being hounded by bidders who are doggedly pursuing an exciting new internet auction. The 33-year-old actress is selling a one-of-kind work of art she created… with her pet dog.

The star has donated a canvas featuring her handprints – and the paw prints of her dog, Flossie – to The Rescue Train, an organization that seeks to reduce the number of animals entering shelters by promoting education through creating unique programs and solutions.

The artwork, which can be viewed via, is the last lot in a series of auctions that featured works of art created by celebrities and their pet pooches. Other stars to create canvases included Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Paula Abdul, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Eric Roberts.

Charity Folks is the leading online marketplace for celebrity charity auctions, and has raised over $6 million for non-profit organizations in the past. The current Drew Barrymore auction ends on April 23.

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