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A group of celebrities are marking Mothers’ Day with a new initiative from Hallmark Greeting Cards for military moms deployed overseas.

Stars such as Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Billy Joel, Ben Harper, and Christy Turlington were amongst a group of celebrities who have recorded messages for mothers in the US military currently away on active duty.

“It is an absolute honor and privilege to be able to support the mothers who serve both overseas and on the home front,” said Andre du Broc, editorial director at Hallmark. “At the heart of Hallmark’s brand is a legacy of connecting people. Our cards have been sent with messages of love and support to troops serving around the world for decades, and we treasure our role in helping keep these families connected.”

The messages were recorded using Hallmark’s new Recordable Cards With Music, which allow the sender to record a personal voice message into a card, followed by a pre-recorded song. Hallmark, who are partners with Bono's (RED) campaign, are also sending the cards with personalized voice messages from the children of the military moms, many of whom have been away from their families for over 15 months.

“With service members away for second, third, and even fourth deployments, it is incredibly important for companies such as Hallmark to continue to send the message to our troops that America Supports You,” said Allison Barber, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. “I can’t think of a more wonderful gift for a deployed mother than hearing her child’s voice on Mother’s Day.”

More information about the cards can be found at Hallmark’s website.

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