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UNICEF has made another contribution to the Millennium Development Goal objectives, which are supposed to be realized by 2015.

Following the 2004 launch of the Schools for Africa campaign that raised funds and partnered with organizations to provide and improve education for over five million children throughout Africa, UNICEF has just launched Schools for Asia to do the same for disadvantaged children living across South and East Asia.

Serena Williams, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, introduced Schools for Asia last week: “Schools for Asia provide quality education to millions of children,” she said. “Millions of children around the world don’t have [access to education]. They’re too poor or live too far away. Maybe they need to work to help support their family. Or it’s because of conflict or discrimination.”

To address development goals number two and three – to achieve universal primary education and to promote gender equality and empower women – the funds raised will be used to provide safe learning environments, life skills and health education, trained teachers and programs designed to keep children from dropping out of school.

“Quality education is essential for development,” says Williams. “It provides the knowledge, skills and confidence children need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their countries.”

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