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What could be better than a fancy evening in downtown Manhattan celebrating a brilliant foundation with some of today’s hottest celebrities? The answer: absolutely nothing!

This past Saturday I had the honor of attending Farm Sanctuary's annual gala. Farm Sanctuary was started in 1986 and is now considered to be the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization. Each year the gala helps raise funds for their noble work and honor those who make a difference.

The evening was pure elegance with beautifully decorated tables, a classy silent auction area and, of course, the second floor VIP loft where all the famous faces mingled.
Heather Mills and Melissa Rivers
Within minutes upstairs I was surrounded by a goggle of celebrities all sharing one thing – a love for Farm Sanctuary. Swoosie Kurtz told me: “I’m just so blown away by what they do. They are so specific in what they do and their goals and they really get thing done.”

Emily Deschanel, a vegan of 16 years, said that she “loves that Farm Sanctuary works from so many different angles” and “that they do so much like passing laws for the farm animals and educating the public.”

As the evening progressed I hobnobbed with stars like Rory Freedman, Dennis Kucinich, Kevin Nealon, Victoria Moran, Ally Sheedy, Loretta Swit, Russell Simmons and Farm Sanctuary president and co-founder Gene Baur.

The ceremony itself was hosted by Heather Mills, emceed by Melissa Rivers and Susie Essman led the live auction. As the evening closed we were treated to a twilight reception with desserts by Vegan Treats and a musical performance by Grammy Award winner Shawn Colvin.

All and all it was a glorious example of what people can do with a compassionate heart, a willing spirit and a generous pocket. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit

Parrish is a regular contributor to Ecorazzi, the web’s leading green-gossip site.

(Photo copyright Andrew Ford)

Source: Parrish at Ecorazzi

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