A plethora of stars have signed an open letter from Amnesty International to President Obama and Afghan President Karzai in support of Women’s Rights.

Among the signatures on the letter are Yoko Ono, Patrick Stewart, Joan Baez, Sting, Stephen King, Cynthia Nixon and Meryl Streep.

“As champions of women’s rights who are dedicated to protecting women’s human rights, we are deeply concerned that the significant gains made by women and girls in Afghanistan may be threatened as U.S. and allied troops leave the country,” reads the letter. "We urge you to adopt a comprehensive action plan to guarantee that the clock is not turned back on a decade of strides in education, health, security and employment for women and girls. At stake is the future of Afghanistan, after billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives have been sacrificed. We believe if women’s progress cannot be sustained, then Afghan society will fail.

“We are concerned that the U.S. and allied withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 may put women and girls at even greater risk of abuses… In this climate, we are alarmed that inadequate attention is being paid to women’s rights and participation in peace talks with the Taliban. Women must be empowered in the educational, economic and political life of Afghanistan or the country will fail to achieve a stable and prosperous future after a decade of effort to secure and rebuild the country.”

The letter goes on to outline eight steps that Amnesty International believes will help women in Afghanistan continue to have their rights and freedoms after the US withdraws its troops in 2014.

“Presidents Obama and Karzai, this is the defining moment to lead on women’s human rights. Afghan women have never faced greater danger to the protection and advancement of their human rights; they need and deserve your support.

“We urge you to affirm that the Afghan and U.S. governments will protect Afghan women. Their human rights, their safety, their very lives must not be sacrificed as U.S. Armed Forces withdraw from the country.”

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