When actress, author and playwright Louise Burfitt-Dons read about the number of children committing suicide because of school bullying she was so determined to help that she wrote a set of anti-bullying monologues to lift the lid on bullies’ tactics so that young victims would not feel so isolated.

`Money alone can’t help in a situation like this,’ said Louise, `It needed something more radical and practical.’

Burfitt-Dons then used the proceeds of the plays to establish Act Against Bullying in the UK to raise the required funds to be able to get messages and dvds out to school victims. In 2005, Louise set up the UK Kindness Movement in association with the World Kindness Movement, touring schools to encourage pro-social behaviour. In 2010 she co-founded the first Kindness Day UK which has received support from celebrities and politicians who used the day to raise awareness and funds for their favourite charities.

Louise also raises awareness and support for The Global Warming Alliance and fronts the organisation’s “Hot Women Campaign”. A popular motivational speaker, she has recorded videos and given speeches urging women to recycle and reuse clothing rather than add to landfill, and has supported a range of environmental organisations.

Before establishing her own charities she supported Oxfam, NSPCC and the Sunshine Fund for Blind Babies.

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