Born in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, but having grown up in Chico, California, Stephanie Drapeau fell in love with the stage at an early age, having taken part in theater throughout her childhood and adolescence.

Attending college at California State University, Chico, Drapeau earned her Bachelors degree in psychology and Masters degree in Social Work, graduating magna cum laude and with honors. After college, she worked in sales for some of the largest U.S. corporations and as a mental health counselor, but in spite of her success in these fields, she left it all to pursue her original love of the arts.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, she has performed in over 20 films including Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, Cross, Closure and the TV series Medium, having worked with legendary actors such as Morgan Freeman in Wish Wizard and Anthony Hopkins in The Third Rule. As partner and executive vice president of 4Horsemen Films, Drapeau has also produced several films including Wedding Day, Cross and Wish Wizard, which she co-wrote to fulfill the dreams of 4 Make-A-Wish Foundation kids. Drapeau currently lives in Los Angeles where she serves as VP of the One World Foundation.

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