Aging UP

Their mission
Aging UP is a nonprofit in Sacramento, California with a mission to empower youth with experience in foster care to successfully transition into adulthood.

To accomplish their mission, they will provide three pillar services, free-of-charge, to Sacramento Region youth (ages 13-17) who have had any experience in foster care.

Services include:

one-to-one mentoring
age-appropriate recreation
Independent living skills education

Their vision
For youth with a history in foster care to continually grow into happy, healthy, self-sufficient adults who are productive members of their community.

their history
Aging UP was founded by professionals with child-welfare, mentoring, and nonprofit experience. As friends who saw unmet needs for youth with experience in foster care, they combined their passions and professional skills to develop Aging UP’s unique service model.

They incorporated in May 2016 and held their inaugural board meeting in July 2016. Aging UP will begin services in fall 2017.

How you can help

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