Food For Orphans

Food for Orphans, a 501c3 charity started in 2007, is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in feeding orphans. Their mission statement is, “To supply at least one nutritious meal per day to as many orphans as possible”. The organization funds orphan feeding programs primarily in third-world countries, ensures that donations are used wisely, and confirms that each orphan is cared for and loved.
Food for Orphans provides assistance and food to orphans that truly need help. It funds feeding programs in mostly poor third-world countries. They seek out orphan care programs that have exhibited the ability and history to care effectively for the needs of orphans, yet struggle to provide the necessary food. Every 90 seconds an orphan dies from starvation. Every night 60 million orphans go to bed hungry … again.
You can feed three orphans every day for a month with a $33 donation or one orphan every day for one year with a $135 donation.

How you can help

Helping to feed orphans can be done by visiting


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