A non-profit organization established in 2005 to provide music education to under-served children in the Los Angeles area.

The Foundation aims: to bring quality music instruction to children who otherwise would not have access to it; to promote the growth and development of children by teaching them to read music, and to write, record and perform their own original music; to foster a community that actively supports their children’s individual creative voices.

A mobile program goes to schools and children’s hospitals, and the foundation also provides scholarships for students to participate in the
HRA After-School Program. Instruction and musical instruments are given to each child at no cost to their family.

About how the programs are helping the children, HRA Founder Matt Wilczynski says, “I’m not just giving them the guitar, I’m giving them the opportunity to write something, whether it’s just about a girl they like, or the illness that they have, the emotions that they’re going through — that’s something they’re not going to get through Guitar Hero!”


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