Muscle Help Foundation

The Muscle Help Foundation delivers Muscle Dreams – amazing experiences in the UK for children and young people suffering from the muscle wasting disease Muscular Dystrophy – helping them to live a dream or fulfil a cherished ambition.

They provide inspiration and hope, as well as a unique understanding and empathy towards both the children who receive Muscle Dreams and the wider family, drawing real joy and strength from the personal involvement of its co-founder and CEO, Michael McGrath (aka the Chief Muscle Warrior), who himself has the disease.

How you can help

Many of the Muscle Dream beneficiaries and their families struggle with the day to day challenges of living with muscular dystrophy and for some with the most severe form , the disease is life-limiting. An opportunity to spend a day away as a family from these challenges, including many hospital visits, can be a life-changing experience helping the young person to fulfil their potential. Many of our nominations are from young people who would like to meet someone who has particularly inspired them and sometimes meeting this celebrity may be the last opportunity they have to live a dream or fulfil a cherished ambition.

They need volunteers to help run the various projects they are developing, and are looking for new Muscle Warriors to join their growing tribe of people who run across deserts, walk to Poles, climb mountains, sky-dive and do many other amazing challenges to raise money for the Muscle Dreams programme.


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