Children In Crisis

Children in Crisis was established in 1993 by Sarah, Duchess of York, to give children in some of the world’s poorest countries the educational opportunities they need to transform their lives. At the heart of its work is the belief that education is an essential tool to overcome poverty and build peace.

  • Of the 70 million children not enrolled in primary school, 40 million are found in fragile and conflict affected states.
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 10 million children drop out of school every year.

Children in Crisis protects and educates children facing the toughest hardships, in countries affected by conflict or political instability. Through education it improves children’s life chances and future earnings, unite communities and build peace. Through adult education and income generation it supports families and communities to sustain their children’s education, and access resources from government. It currently operate in DR Congo, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sierra Leone

Children in Crisis merged with Street Child in April 2018.
‘The merger of Children in Crisis and Street Child happened in April 2018, the Duchess of York is a strong supporter and Patron of Street Child.’


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