In commemoration of Women’s History Month and as part of their ongoing commitment to provide children of all backgrounds a platform to learn their diverse and rich heritage, Because Of Them We Can announces its expansion by honoring women of achievement such as Susan B. Anthony, Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Anne Frank, Frida Kahlo, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai and many others.

Because Of Them We Can Celebrates Women's History Month With Children Re-Imagined As Iconic Women Of Achievement
Because Of Them We Can Celebrates Women's History Month With Children Re-Imagined As Iconic Women Of Achievement

By releasing a series of images of children depicting these iconic women, past and present, the campaign’s goal is to introduce young people of all hues to examples of excellence, while building their self-esteem along the way and teaching them that greatness also exists within them.

“The Because of Them We Can campaign was inspired by my own two sons and the desire to create imagery for them and children like them that would refute stereotypes and build their self-esteem by connecting them to heroes past and present who have and continue to pave the way,” says Because Of Them We Can creator Eunique Jones Gibson. “There is a battle going on in each neighborhood, school and home and it is for the self-esteem of our young people. Our goal is to create a banner of excellence for all children to live by. There are numerous issues that divide us, however, wouldn’t it be great if we worked together to inundate children all over the world with these messages of excellence, accomplishment and responsibility.”

Founded by social activist, photographer, wife and mother of two, Eunique Jones Gibson, the Because Of Them We Can campaign originally started out as a Black History Month project in February 2013 and has since evolved into a 365-page self published coffee table book, as well as dream journals, calendars, t-shirts and more. To date, Eunique has received numerous accolades for her work including being named one of the White House’s Champions Of Change. In addition, the Because Of Them We Can campaign has drawn support from the likes of Kerry Washington, Soledad O'Brien, Janelle Monae, Common, Tom Joyner, Russell Simmons, Kevin Hart, and many others.

After traveling the country engaging parents and capturing images of over 650 children in less than a year, Eunique is not finished yet. The mom-preneur has made it her mission to depict heroes and heroines that every child, of every hue, can relate to beginning with new images to commemorate Women’s History Month.

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