Some celebrities love the limelight, some eschew it at all costs and some channel it toward the greater good. For celebs that choose the latter, their big hearts and big presence help preserve the lives of innocent animals across the globe.

The thrills and frills of the red carpet are nothing compared to the behind the scenes acts of kindness exhibited by Hollywood A-listers and these three star-studded personalities put their notoriety to work as advocates for wildlife and humanity. You don’t have to be celebrity to make a difference; get inspired by these causes and learn how you can help.

Marine Life Preservation

Whales, dolphins and seals hold a special place in Hayden Panettiere's heart. An avid advocate for marine life, the “Nashville” star spends her time off the set putting an end to the senseless slaughter of dolphins, whales and seals. The actress joined forces with Jeff Pantukhoff, founder of the Whaleman Foundation, as the international spokesperson for fair treatment of marine life. More than just the face of the cause, the starlet and five other advocates ventured to Japan to boycott the annual six-month dolphin killing spree that takes place in Taiji, Japan. In support of the “Save the Taiji Dolphin Campaign,” the group paddled on surf boards into Taiji’s notorious dolphin killing cove in a peaceful demonstration against the annual massacre which claims more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises each year. The emotional journey was captured in “The Cove,” which won the 2009 Oscar for Best Feature Documentary.

In continued support of the cause, the actress also started her own online fundraiser called “Panettiere Closet,” which allows fans and animal lovers to purchase clothing items from the star’s wardrobe with proceeds going toward saving marine life.

Wildlife Conservancy

Kristin Bauer, of HBO hit series True Blood and professional athlete Yao Ming stand up against illegal poaching of Africa’s gentle wildlife giants. Each year, thousands of rhinoceroses and elephants are poached in Africa, causing the animals’ populations to dwindle at an alarming rate. Hunters turn their killings into profits by selling and transporting the tusks and horns to China. From there, the ivory is turned into jewelry, religious figurines and other trinkets. Greed drives illegal poachers to turn ruthless in their quest for tusks and horns. With China’s growing economy, the demand of ivory and rhino horn is booming.

In an effort to reduce the demand and stop the killings, the African Wildlife Foundation'sSAY NO Campaign” aims to open consumers’ eyes to the realities of their buying habits and how the consumer interest in ivory is directly connected to the brutal poaching of Africa’s majestic wildlife. As active supporters, Bauer and Ming work hand in hand with the AWF to spread the word across China and conserve the lives of elephants and rhinos.

Humane Farming

“Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone clues us in to the horror’s of farm cruelty as the spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary's Compassionate Communities Campaign. The long-time vegetarian and author of “The Kind Diet” advocates for humane treatment of animals by educating the public on the benefits of choosing a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. The campaign, created by Farm Sanctuary, promotes vegetarianism as way to encourage people to go vegan, go vegetarian, or reduce their meat consumption. Silverstone acts as a driving force encouraging animal lovers to take actionable steps including leafleting, distributing vegetarian literature, and sharing the websites informational video, to spare animals a lifetime of unimaginable suffering.

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