House of Cards’ Kate Mara, Twilight’s Nikki Reed, The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder and Moby joined The Humane Society of the United States at a press conference to celebrate the implementation of California’s Proposition 2 and to call on retailers to use only cage-free animal products.

The nation’s most comprehensive farm animal protection law, which took effect Jan. 1, requires that that veal calves, breeding pigs and egg-laying hens have enough room to turn around and extend their limbs.

California voters passed Proposition 2 in 2008 with an overwhelming 64 percent of the statewide vote. Also beginning in 2015, all shell (whole) eggs sold in California must be produced in compliance with this animal welfare law. The HSUS is calling on California’s tens of thousands of food retailers to honor the terms and spirit of the laws by exclusively selling cage-free animal products.

Mara stated: “I’m grateful to organizations like The Humane Society of the United States for spearheading game-changing legislation like Prop 2 to improve the lives of farm animals. Laws like these do so much to raise awareness about the plight of billions of animals raised for food, and open doors to other states to consider adopting similar measures as consumer demand for more humane products skyrockets by the day.”

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS, said: "Californians have made it clear that extreme confinement of farm animals is inhumane and unacceptable. With such a strong assist from celebrities such as Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, and Ellen DeGeneres, and so many others, the nation was exposed to the customary and unacceptable practices that had come to dominate the factory farming industry. The implementation of Prop 2 marks the beginning of a new era for farm animals, and we ask stores throughout California to commit to selling only cage-free animal products to honor the letter and spirit of California law."

Learn how these new standards will positively affect Californians, animals, and the egg industry as celebrities join The HSUS in heralding in a more humane California.

Source: Humane Society

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