Between Christmas and New Year, Prince Harry turned his hand to radio programming and presenting for a day as he took over BBC Radio 4’s Today programme as guest editor.

He used the opportunity to discuss topics close to his heart including technology, youth violence, the Armed Forces, mental health, the future of the Commonwealth, conservation and the environment.

At the start of the programme, His Royal Highness spoke about why he decided to guest edit the programme, and how he had chosen the issues which were covered.

And then it was on with the show, starting with a discussion around mental health in the workplace. The issue has been a key area of focus for Prince Harry since he – alongside The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – launched the Heads Together campaign to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health.

Next up was the topic of life in the Armed Forces, a subject Prince Harry knows a lot about from his time as a serving officer and from his work with wounded ex-servicemen and women.

During the third Invictus Games in Toronto last year, His Royal Highness recorded some thoughts on the impact of the games on competitors as well as their family and friends.

Prince Harry is committed to the Commonwealth through his work with The Queen’s Young Leaders programme as well as his visits to Commonwealth countries on behalf of The Queen and in his own right. He asked two young Commonwealth leaders to tell their stories.

The subject of youth leadership was picked up later in the programme when His Royal Highness spoke to the former President of the USA, Barack Obama about creating a platform for the young leaders of tomorrow.

The Prince interviewed Demis Hassabis, a pioneer in the world of Artificial Intelligence, about the enormous potential benefits of AI.

The programme’s Thought for the Day spot preceded a discussion on how to reduce youth and knife crime.

The subject then turned to conservation and the environment, subjects returned to later in the programme when Prince Harry interviewed his father, The Prince of Wales.

If you missed the Today programme, you can listen to the programme in full, or highlights are available as podcasts at BBC Radio 4 for a limited period.


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