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Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Dylan were some of the stars to join Charlize Theron at a fundraising dinner in West Hollywood on Tuesday, April 27.

The stars gathered at Soho House to raise funds for the Charlize Theron African Outreach Project, an initiative created by the actress to create a safer, healthier and better life for impoverished children and their families in South Africa.

“We started [the project] with so little and thought, ‘What is this really going to change?’ And 18 months later I went back and there were about eight faces that I knew we affected and changed their lives,” said Charlize. "For me, going there when we launched, it was eye-opening that the things we take for granted are not the things that you can expect in rural communities in South Africa. Nelson Mandela came out of this area. How can you not invest? I always say even if you can only send two dollars and you don’t think that’s gonna make a difference, trust me, it does make a difference."

Other famous faces at the event included Lydia Hearst, Wolfgang Puck, Marley Shelton and Jeremy Renne.

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