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Who would be the better date: Scarlett or Kristin? Last week Look To The Stars reported that a charity auction featuring the chance to date Scarlett Johansson had raised a massive $42,000 for Oxfam America. This week we are happy to announce that another lucky bidder – known only as superiorlotus912 – has forked out a staggering $52,100 for the chance to accompany Kristin Davis to the world premiere of Sex And The City:The Movie in May.

As reported earlier by Look To The Stars, the auctions are part of a series of online sales hosted by eBay to raise money for Oxfam’s development programs and emergency relief services. Other celebrities to have already auctioned meet-and-greet packages for the international poverty relief agency include Colin Firth and Charlize Theron, and Djimon Hounsou is currently offering one lucky fan the chance to accompany him to the premiere of his new film, Push.

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