Starting this week, Meatless Monday fans will get a year of enticing menus from one of the movement’s most famous supporters. Sir Paul McCartney, along with his daughters Stella and Mary, are launching The Meat Free Monday Cookbook (Kyle Books), which features menu ideas for every Monday of the year, from packed lunches to comforting stews.

The colorful hard-cover book features favorite recipes from the McCartneys along with contributions from some of their famous friends, including Mario Batali, Woody Harrelson, Vivienne Westwood, Kevin Spacey and Pink.

“We applaud the McCartney family’s unwavering efforts to promote a healthier, more sustainable diet,” said Sid Lerner, who founded Meatless Monday in 2003 with Johns Hopkins. “This beauty of a cookbook is truly a delicious way to help spread the global Meatless Monday movement!”

McCartney started Meat-Free Monday in the UK in 2009 as a simple and straightforward idea to show everyone the environmental value of eating less meat. Meatless Monday has since blossomed into a global movement, with 22 countries promoting the idea of cutting out meat once a week for our health and the health of the planet.

“We feel that the vast majority of people are conscientious and would want to do something in their own lives to help secure a happier future for the generations that follow,” the McCartneys said of their decision to launch the campaign and do the cookbook.

“While many solutions can be quite difficult to put into practice, the idea of one meat-free day per week is something that many people find do-able and something that can be achieved relatively easily,” McCartney said.

Individuals interested in starting a Meatless Monday in the US can visit to learn more about the benefits of cutting back, get information kits to spread the movement in their community, and discover the growing international network of supporters.

Super Vegetable Salad by Paul McCartney
Recipe excerpted from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook (Kyle Books; 2012)

Super Vegetable Salad by Paul McCartney.
Super Vegetable Salad by Paul McCartney.

Serves 4

28 cherry tomatoes

3 florets of broccoli

12 green beans, cut into 1 inch lengths

2 carrots, peeled and sliced into 1 inch pieces

1 lettuce — I like Romaine

3 scallions, finely chopped

2/3 cup cornmeal

a handful of chopped herbs of your choice

9 ounces tofu, cut into slices

olive oil for frying

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard (optional)

1 teaspoon maple syrup (if you like a bit of sweetness)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F and roast the cherry tomatoes for 10 minutes.

Cover the bottom of a pan with cold water and place a steamer above it. Put the broccoli, green beans, and carrots in the steamer, turn the heat on quite high, and steam for about 15 minutes, occasionally prodding the carrots with a fork to see if they are done. Some people like them slightly crunchy, others prefer them a little softer.

While the vegetables are steaming, make a salad with the leaves and scallions.

Combine the cornmeal and herbs in a bowl. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan. Dip the tofu in the cornmeal mixture, then fry until golden.

Whisk together the ingredients for the dressing, but only pour over at the last minute.

Assemble your meal by first putting the salad on the plate, then the warm vegetables, and finally the tofu. Pour over the dressing then add a little seasoning sauce or a sauce of your choice.

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