Gram Parsons Foundation

The mission of the Gram Parsons Foundation is to support musicians and artists worldwide with addiction and recovery services. The organization is motivated by the desire to assist the musical and artistic community by directing and providing solutions to drug and alcohol addiction, and to impart a message of prevention and awareness to the musicians of tomorrow.

Gram Parsons is an iconic figure in music and is credited for pioneering the “country rock” sound, a term he loathed, preferring “Cosmic American Music.” His sound went on to influence countless bands and continues to influence bands to this day. He tragically died of a drug overdose just before his 27th Birthday. His only child, Polly Parsons, has been working with artists and musicians in recovery for over 13 years. She is the President of the Foundation and is also the owner of Hickory Wind Ranch, who helps people from all walks of life by creating a healthy and sober living community in Austin,TX.


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