Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

Clearwater is a 106-foot wooden sailing sloop designed after 18th and 19th century Dutch sailing sloops. In 1966, folk singer and activist Pete Seeger had the vision that the public would come to care for all of our threatened waterways by learning to care for one boat and one river. He inspired a group of dedicated people who made the dream a reality.

Launched in 1969, Clearwater serves as a moveable classroom, laboratory, stage, and forum. More than a dozen national and international programs have successfully modeled programs after those pioneered by Clearwater.

Each year, Clearwater accommodates nearly 13,000 children and adults for education sails that teach history, biology, and environmental science and navigation along the Hudson River, New York Harbor and Long Island Sound. Thousands more are reached through on-land classroom visits, field programs and public exhibits.


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