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The Bob Woodruff Foundation is the nonprofit dedicated to ensuring injured service members, veterans and their families are thriving. A national organization with grassroots reach, the Bob Woodruff Foundation augments the work of the federal government, diligently navigating the maze of more than 40,000 nonprofits providing services to veterans, finds and funds the most innovative programs, and holds those programs accountable for measurable results. To date, through its charitable investments, the Bob Woodruff Foundation has invested more than $12 million in over 70 organizations, reaching more than 1 million service members, support personnel, veterans and their families. The foundation’s investments are meeting the full spectrum of needs injured service members have—from medical care, physical accommodations and counseling to larger social issues like homelessness and suicide.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation was co-founded in 2006 by award-winning anchor Bob Woodruff and his family, whose own experiences inspired them to make sure our nation’s heroes have access to the high level of support and resources they deserve, for as long as they need it.

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