JB Dondolo

JB Dondolo, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which primarily exists to provide charitable services to impoverished communities worldwide. The company focuses on those markets that cannot afford simple, basic necessities.

The foundation was founded by Dondolo’s children in November, 2012. It is named after their late father, J. B. Dondolo, an orphan, farmer, and humanitarian advocate whose values and principles about giving continue to inspire his children, friends, and families across the world. J. B. Dondolo played a critical role in the fight against poverty. Dondolo’s children saw the need to form a foundation to honor their father so his legacy of good deeds would continue.

The charity is interested in promoting, developing, and completing projects and programs that have been started but left incomplete or imagined but not started for a variety of reasons. The charity is a member of the United Nation’s Green Industry Platform.

How you can help

To learn more about JB Dondolo, Inc., visit www.jbdondolo.org and subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with its latest project.


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