Music in Schools Today

Music in Schools Today is a San Francisco Bay Area tax exempt nonprofit. MUST advocates for, supports and develops integrated, accessible, sustainable and measurable music-in-education programs that improve student achievement.

MUST champions arts education as a rich source of creativity, self-discipline and cooperation for America’s children and youth.

In response to requests from teachers and parents, MUST is currently developing multicultural and ecological curricula that tie music and arts into other core school subjects like social studies and science, and is establishing programs that are national in scope.

Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt of Green Day are avid golfers from the San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland/Berkeley) who strongly value music education.

Their commitment to music education and love of golf led them to partner with Music in Schools Today for a charitable golf tournament at a private golf club in the Oakland Hills.

The special event includes an auction featuring one-of-a-kind Green Day memorabilia including signed guitars, drum sticks, and a drum head signed by the Broadway cast of American Idiot. Proceeds from the event support Music in Schools Today’s programs in Oakland, CA.


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