Shane Warne Foundation

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne established the Shane Warne Foundation to make a huge difference to the brave children who suffer an illness or who are underprivileged.

Says Shane: "The reason I wanted to do this and get involved was because, over the past decade or so, I have met so many brave kids out there, trying to come to terms with whatever it is they might be suffering from, and trying to fight it. Unfortunately, some cannot and its heartbreaking to see these beautiful children struggling.

I am extremely grateful to have 3 wonderful children. Therefore, the simple reason is I want to make a difference – I want more children to smile, don’t you?

Although I can make a difference on my own, it is only a small difference to what a team of people can do together. Every little bit counts, and every single person can help to make that difference.

This foundation is very close to my heart and I am very passionate about this cause. I am extremely touched when I see people giving generously, whether it be their time, generosity or by way of a donation to help TSWF enrich the lives of the seriously ill and underprivileged children in Australia."


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