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Fancy slipping into a jacket signed by supermodel Heidi Klum or Sir Elton John? Now’s your chance – the 15 Below Project’s charity auction has been extended.

The 15 Below Project is an initiative between clothes designers TAXI and The Salvation Army to create a cheap but high quality jacket for the homeless.

“It’s a lifeline for people without homes. They’re a pretty low-cost, immediate way to address a huge issue,” said Paul Lavoie, co-founder, chairman, and chief creative officer of TAXI. “Our approach to solving problems – of any sort – has always been to question convention. This won’t eliminate homelessness, but it can make a lot of people more comfortable.”

Since November, celebrity-signed 15 Below jackets have been on auction, with stars such as Michael Stipe, Kid Rock, Robert Plant, Michael Caine, Jon Stewart and Nelly Furtado autographing the items. Although those auctions have finished, Klum and Sir Elton have now come to the party by donating signed jackets.

But wait – there’s more! Klum hasn’t only donated a jacket, but has also included two pairs of jeans from the clothing line she designed for Jordache.

These auctions end on December 11. The jackets have multiple pockets and are both warm and waterproof. When not being worn, the jacket can be folded into a backpack for easy transportation, or used as a pillow. To bid on Heidi Klum’s jacket and jeans, click here, and for Sir Elton’s item, click here.

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