British charity CLIC Sargent is to benefit from sales of a new calendar featuring the inspiration selections of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Bono and other icons for the music world.

Music and entertainment specialist HMV is to mark the third anniversary of its acclaimed my inspiration campaign by featuring memorable highlights in a charity calendar for 2009/2010.

These include the my inspiration selections of Bob Dylan – who selected Scottish poet, Robert Burns; Bono and Paul McCartney, who, in turn, cite Bob Dylan as theirs; Paul Weller, who was first inspired by the songwriting of Lennon and McCartney; Bruce Springsteen, who was influenced by Blues performer Woodie Guthrie; and Deborah Harry, who found inspiration in the songs of Leonard Cohen.

My inspiration invites iconic and exciting new artists to share with their fans the song lyric or lines of verse that have inspired them in their life and in their work. The campaign began in September 2006, when David Bowie selected Syd Barrett’s Gigolo Aunt as his personal inspiration. Since that time well over 150 artists have taken part, ranging from Timbaland to the first lady of France, Carla Bruni, as well as new artists such as Lady Gaga and La Roux.

A key part of the calendar are the iconic black & white portraits of the participating artists taken by photographers who are themselves celebrated, such as Anton Corbijn, Fiona Freund, Dean Chalkley, Lawrence Watson, Adrian Boot and Frank Ockenfels 3 – making it a must not just for music fans and collectors, but for anyone with an appreciation of rock photography.

The A3-sized calendar comes with a foreword from Q Editor-in-Chief Paul Rees, and offers the added bonus of a full eighteen months worth of artist inspiration selections, starting from August 2009 with The Edge's selection, covering all of 2010 and then ending in January 2011 with Metallica's choice of their inspiration.

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