Csnaps is the first lifesaving humanitarian platform to give donors, Celebrities, nonprofits and brands an easy and effective way to quickly drive awareness, gain additional support and raise funds at sustainable levels for important causes.

Csnaps inspires people to go from “Selfie to Selfless” by creating powerful connections between celebrities, fans and charities by monetizing news/photos of the famous and personal stories of inspiration/gratitude to help the suffering and those in need.

It is about love for those in need, love for our inspirations, love for those who use their platforms to change lives and eliminate hate, pain & suffering. Love for humanity.
Fan Csnap

Celebs and fans can save a life together by taking Lifesaver Selfies thus sharing the most powerful fan experience these two hearts will ever feel. With Lifesavers or Fan Csnaps, bond celebrities to their fans in a deep, positive and long term way taking only seconds to do.

Celebrity Exclusives

Celebrities can be true Lifesavers by breaking their newsworthy exclusives & announcements now through the Csnaps app. Not only is this done on your terms and consent with accuracy but the worldwide dollars from the exclusive images and stories go to the charity of the Celeb’s choice. This Selfless Social transparency is the least an authentic selfless star can do for humanity.

Inspirie™ Post

Everyone has a story to tell, the Gratitude Lounge is the place of compassionate and caring listeners. Post an “Inspirie™” (story+pics) to our Gratitude Lounge and throw down a little gratitude, couple of dollars, for your own charity and share it out. Selfless Celebrities can set a campaign goal with their Inspirie™ Post and rally their followers to help meet it. It’s the crowd funding charities have always dreamed of, led by a loved celeb.

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