Patricia Arquette and Rosetta Getty founded GiveLove to assist displaced families after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Givelove responded to the immediate need for sanitation in tent camps by bringing the best experts in the field of EcoSan to help start several large compost toilet projects at primary schools and NGO compounds. GiveLove’s work is supported by hundreds of people through small, private donations. In September 2012, GiveLove launched the Santo EcoSan Project for 300 households in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. In October 2014, GiveLove made its first trip to Nicaragua to launch an international skills training program with several partner NGOs.

How you can help

Your donations help provide technical support to communities and organizations that want to learn more about humanure and organics composting. In 2015, GiveLove is going global with new web-based resources, and the creation of a Go Team to help set-up EcoSan projects abroad with great new partners.


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